Photos opening of Samaritans

Photos from the exhibition opening Samaritans: A Biblical People at the Museum of the Bible, Washington, DC.

These photos highlight the works by artists from the Jewish Art Salon who created contemporary art depicting the Samaritans, their texts and interactions with Judaism.

While the Women at the Well and Good Samaritan are iconic Christian motifs, found antiquity to the present, there is almost no Jewish art depicting Samaritans. 

To address this, the YU Center for Israel partnered with the Jewish Art Salon, and created a forum for the artists to study Samaritans and create contemporary art informed by this study.

The exhibition was curated by Dr. Steven Fine, YU Dean Pinkhos Churgin Chair in Jewish History and Jesse Abelman, Curator of Judaica at The Museum of the Bible. Assistant curator: David Selis.

Participating artists: Mark Podwal, Archie Rand, Andi Arnovitz, Richard McBee, Yona Verwer, Joel Silverstein, Judith Joseph, Hillel Smith.

More info on the exhibition HERE

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