JEWCE: The Jewish Comics Experience, NYC

JewCE is the JEWISH COMICS EXPERIENCE; the ultimate comics and pop culture event brought to you by the Center for Jewish History in New York City. Created by Miriam Eve Mora and Fabrice Sapolsky. JewCE is designed to be an inclusive convention, celebrating an industry promoting diverse Jewish narratives in comics & graphic novels. JewCE welcomes creators and pop culture fans from all walks of life. 

Saturday November 11, 7:30pm Awards Night

Sunday November 12, 10:00am – 6:00pm: vendors, panels, and workshops!

The Jewish Art Salon is represented by artists and authors JOEL SILVERSTEIN and BEN SCHACHTER.

The Salon is publishing Joel’s brand-new book, The Brighton Beach Bible, an autobiographical painted narrative based on the Exodus narrative in the Hebrew Bible. Offering 64 stunning full-page images, this startling work is both an artist’s catalog raisonné and comic book-style sequential art. Made Possible by a grant from the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.

Sharing the booth with Joel is Ben Schachter, whose second graphic novel Binder Bound and the Mizbeyach features the story of the Akedah (Binding of Isaac). The text comes from the 12th century Sefardi poem, Et Shaare Ratson, which is sung on Rosh Hashanah. Schachter weaves additional midrash throughout the full color digital  illustrations. Ben will also conduct a workshop From Perek to Panel: Using Pictures to Explore Interpretation, Nov. 12 at 2:30pm.

Ori Z. Soltes, Professor of the Teaching of Jewish Civilization, Center for Jewish Civilization, Georgetown University, Author and Editor of 19 books, including Tradition & Transformation: Three Millennium of Jewish art and Architecture, and is the author of the essay in The Brighton Beach Bible. He is an Advisor at the Jewish Art Salon.

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Other Jewish Art Salon members participating:

Samantha Baskind –  Distinguished Professor of Art History at Cleveland State University, and Jewish Art Salon Advisor, is the author of five books. Her most recent book, The Warsaw Ghetto in American Art and Culture, features comics about the Warsaw Ghetto. She co-edited The Jewish Graphic Novel: Critical Approaches, which is the foundational volume in the field. Moderator of the panel discussion Jewish Comics and Remembrance Culture, Nov. 12, 2:30pm 

Julian Voloj – Graphic Novel Author include Ghetto Brother: Warrior to Peacemaker, Black and White: The Rise and Fall of Bobby Fisher, The Joe Shuster Story: The Artist Behind Superman, and his current book is called (Not) a New York Love Story.  Moderator of the panel discussion Telling other People’s Stories, Nov. 12, 4:00pm.

Yona Verwer – Artist, Director & co-founder of the Jewish Art Salon

Others who have worked with the Salon or participated in exhibitions:

Danny Fingeroth: Ex-executive editor and writer at Marvel Comics (best known for his work on Spider-Man) .Author :  Superman on the Couch: What Superheroes Really Tell Us About Ourselves and Our Society and Stan Lee, A Marvelous Life, 

Miriam Libicki: Author/Artist: Toward a Hot Jew, and Who Gets Called an Unfit Mother. Her most recent collaboration, an anthology of Holocaust survivor graphic memoirs titled But I Live, received a 2022 Canadian Book award.

Fabrice Sapolsky: Co-creator/co-writer of Spider-Man Noir for Marvel Comics (with David Hine) . Has worked for Image, Dynamite, and many other publishers. CEO and Founder of FairSquare Comics.

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