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JAS in CANVAS Compendium

The Jewish Art Salon, a grantee of CANVAS, is featured in the CANVAS Compendium. Jewish Art Salon: An International Network of Artists and Scholars was authored by Gordon Haber. “With over 400 members, JAS is the largest network for artists, curators, and scholars who work with contemporary Jewish art. Through its auspices, artists and arts […]

CANVAS Compendium’s Jewish Heritage Month

We are delighted that the Jewish Art Salon’s latest exhibition PAUSE: Jewish Heritage Month/Ways of Being was mentioned in the CANVAS Compendium Jewish Art Salon’s PAUSE: Jewish Heritage Month/Ways of Being (Image: detail of Joel Silverstein’s Merkabah Misadventure.) Read the CANVAS Compendium here

Jerusalem Post: The Samaritans – A Biblical People showcases contemporary work by artists from the Jewish Art Salon

Avi Kumar’s Jerusalem Post article Multimedia exhibit focusing on Samaritans premiers in New York. A multimedia exhibit documenting Samaritan culture opened this week in the Yeshiva University Museum at the Center for Jewish History. The Samaritans: A Biblical People showcases contemporary work by artists from the Jewish Art Salon. In addition, the documentary, The Samaritans: […]

Moment Magazine features two Jewish Art Salon events

Art Moments With so many museums and galleries closed or open only for reduced hours this winter, here are a few opportunities to experience art. January 18, 2021 BY DIANE M. BOLZ Read it here.

How To Be A Vegan Jewish Artist

How To Be A Vegan Jewish Artist Jewish Art Salon’s show includes two Mahwah artists By ABIGAIL KLEIN LEICHMAN October 4, 2018 Excerpt:  The exhibition “Through Compassionate Eyes: Artists Call for Animal Rights” was curated by Mr. Silverstein and his wife, Julie Seidman, with the sponsorship of the Jewish Art Salon and Jewish Veg. Running from October […]

New Art Exhibit Highlights Increasing Invisibility of Women in Jewish Media

“My gender is slowly being made to disappear from the Orthodox Jewish world.” By LEAH FINKELSHTEYN, July 11, 2018 The JOFA blog published an article about the Jewish Art Salon’s exhibition The Invisible Jew at Detour Gallery in Red Bank, NJ. … It takes images to counter a lack of images. The visual to address the slow […]

A True Representation Of Orthodox Women

Shira Hanau’s article in the NY Jewish Week, “A True Representation Of Orthodox Women”, about the lack of representation of women in the media, quotes the curator of our upcoming exhibition. “This dichotomy of having no women in magazines but women all over social media makes the lack of representation of women in the media […]

A conspicuous absence

Article in the New Jersey Jewish News, “A conspicuous absence” discusses our upcoming exhibit “The Invisible Jew” by Debra Rubin. … “Ultra-Orthodox women can feel invisible in their communities. Their photos don’t appear in newspapers or in public announcements, and men make the rules on how they should act, dress, and live. Artists have responded […]

The Invisible Jew in the Jewish Telegraph

    PM HAS DESIGNS ON ANNA’S WORK. Manchester artist Anna Roberts was surprised and honoured when an Instagram image she had designed was shared on Tuesday by Prime Minister Theresa May. Liverpool-born Anna drew a picture which represented Manchester on the anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Manchester Arena. The 28-year-old said: “I […]

IMAGES: Notes on an Exhibition: ‘New York/New Work: Contemporary Jewish Art from NYC by David Sperber

This Jewish Art Salon exhibition, curated by David Sperber and Dvora Liss, is discussed in an article in Images Journal by David Sperber.  “Notes on an Exhibition: ‘New York/New Work: Contemporary Jewish Art from NYC’ at the Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art, 2015, Curators: Dvora Liss and David Sperber,” Images: A Journal of Jewish […]

The Art Exhibition That’s Making The Invisible Jews Visible

The Jewish Art Salon partners with the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JOFA) and Hevria to present an art exhibition that addresses the lack of representation of women in right-wing Ultra-Orthodox media. Curated by Goldie Gross, and curatorial advisors Faigee Hecht and Yona Verwer, this timely initiative has already garnered many strong responses and art submissions. […]

Jewish Art Salon rockets to Teaneck

Joanne Palmer wrote an in-depth article about the Jewish Art Salon, its mission, and its upcoming exhibition at the Jerusalem Biennale. Quotes by Archie Rand, Miriam Stern, Joel Silverstein,  and Yona Verwer.   … Other questions that hover over any discussion of Jewish art also are the very basic ones: What is Jewish art? What is […]

Tradition and Transformation: Three Millennia of Jewish Art and Architecture

Ori Z. Soltes’ new book was recently published and is available here on Amazon. This magnum opus of 630 pages is currently available as a black & white edition. The two-volume full-color edition will be available in a few months. Not only are many Jewish Art Salon artists represented in this book, it ends with our […]

Anne Frank and her disciples

By Gloria Kestenbaum, January 16, 2014 With apologies to Nathan Englander, what should we look at when we look at Anne Frank?  Faith & Form, the new exhibit at The Anne Frank Center USA provides some answers.  Aligned with the Center’s mission of using the diary and spirit of Anne Frank as tools to educate about the dangers of racism, anti-Semitism […]

United (Jewish) Artists

By Aaron Rosen, December 2013 Excerpt:  For Dutch-born artist Yona Verwer, the driving force behind Jewish Art Salon in New York, both the Beit Midrash and JAI provided critical inspiration. Before she founded the salon in 2008, she says, “there was no community. Most artists did not know each other, nor did they know art historians, curators and […]

Two Artists Address Difficult Issues In Tribeca Exhibit

By Caroline Lagnado, 10/29/2013 Tribeca’s Synagogue for the Arts, which is an architectural masterwork itself, is hosting a new exhibit in its downstairs gallery space, featuring work by Yona Verwer, a Dutch-born, New York-based artist and Heather Stoltz, also a New York artist. Each looks to the topic of vulnerability in New York City. Verwer, co-founder and co-president […]

Successful Artists Network

  By Julian Voloj, June 7, 2013 The Jewish Art Salon in New York offers contemporary artists the opportunity to mingle and gain exposure for their work. The Jewish Art Salon organizes bimonthly programs that brings together artists, curators, and art lovers in the New York area. “It is an excellent opportunity for networking,” says Yona Verwer, […]

Joel Silverstein presents his paintings Fractured Epics

Jewish Art Now By Saul Sudin, Video Documentary, January 2013 <p><a href=”″>Joel Silverstein presents his paintings “Fractured Epics”</a> from <a href=””>Saul Sudin</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p> Or view the video online here 

Warrior / Peacemaker

Warrior / Peacemaker: A Graphic Novel Preview Julian Voloj’s WARRIOR/PEACEMAKER is a work-in-progress graphic novel with illustrations by Claudia Ahlering. Based on interviews with former activists, Julian Voloj tells the story of the 1971 Hoe Avenue Peace meeting; a gang truce that led to the birth of breakdancing, graffiti, and hip-hop. The central figure of […]

Are We Living in a Golden Age of Jewish Art?

The Arty Semite By Matthew Baigell, March 4, 2011 Most people do not know that we are living in a golden age of Jewish American art. But, as I will explain in a lecture at the Jewish Museum on March 7, we are. Since around 1975, there has been an incredible but largely ignored outpouring of art […]

The Jewish Art Salon at the CAJM Conference

Algemeiner Bridging the Institutional Gap: The Jewish Art Salon at the CAJM Conference By Elke Reva Sudin, March 2, 2011 This week the Conference of American Jewish Museums was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania uniting museum directors, curators, and artists from across the country. The Jewish Art Salon gave a special presentation for the members of the conference hosted at […]

The Dura Europos Project

Arty Semite  “Images of Ben-Gurion and Ahmadinejad Update Ancient Frescoes,” By Aubrey Whelan Jan. 18, 2011 King David is a smiling child in a red T-shirt and corduroys. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad fills in for Haman. David Ben-Gurion is leading Holocaust survivors across the Red Sea. That’s the aim of the Dura Europos Project, on view at […]

Painting Sarah

NY Jewish Week Painting Sarah: The First Mother maintains her hold on the Jewish imagination, by Jonathan Mark, Sept. 22, 2010 “The First Mother maintains her hold on the Jewish imagination. What were the first words in the Bible spoken by a Jew? Was it about monotheism, social justice, the sanctity of land, peace or peoplehood? […]

Interview with Yona Verwer

2Life Magazine, November 25, 2009 By Julian Voloj On December 6th, the Cultural Heritage Artists Project will open its first exhibition, dedicated to the Orchard Street Synagogue. Before the exhibition opens at the John Slade Ely House in New Haven, 2Life Magazine will feature various participating artists. Each one will get three questions related to their artwork and their experience. […]


The Jewish Press “The Amulet, the Temple, the Disfigured Book and the Buterflies: The Art of Yona Verwer, Robert Kirschbaum, David Friedman and Joel Silverstein,” by Menachem Wecker, May 27, 2009 Throughout the ages, synagogues have housed some of the greatest examples of Jewish art, including the mosaic floors at Bet Alpha and the frescoes at […]

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