Courts Exhibition at The Art Shelter Gallery, Jerusalem

Dorit Jordan Dotan, Shai Azoulay, Hadass Shereshevsky, Ronen Simantov, Motta Brim, Reuven Zukerman will show at the Courts Exhibition in Jerusalem, curated by Pnina Frank and Noa Lea Cohn.

Opening Event October 27 at 8 pm

Gallery Talk November 24 at 8 pm with artists and Albert Swiss, author and art critic.

The exhibition will be open from October 18 – November 24 at The Jerusalem Art Shelter Gallery, located in the Haredi neighborhood of Makor Baruch, Jerusalem. It’s goal is twofold: to give a platform to religious Jewish artists who won’t show in galleries open on Shabbat or next to works that they can’t invite their families to see, and to show fine art by observant and non observant artists whose work would not offend Haredi sensibilities but could resonate and create a bridge.


Dorit Jordan Dotan – Women’s Section

This show, Jerusalem Courts, is a citywide initiative by the Italian Cultural Center, Jerusalem. A “Court” can be interpreted in countless ways. The Art Shelter gallery, because of its uniqueness as the only gallery of it’s kind, will highlight widely different artistic interpretations, but all in the realm of religious courts.

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