Jewish art at a watershed moment

The Jewish Art Salon’s exhibition has been reviewed in the Riverdale Press.

‘Jerusalem Between Heaven and Earth’ artists explore duality and context

March 23, 2018

When the word “watershed” comes to mind, one might think of an area that divides water to different rivers. But it means a lot more than that for Ori Z. Soltes.

Soltes is the curator of “Jerusalem Between Heaven and Earth,” an exhibition highlighting 34 works focused on the theme of a watershed, which can mean a turning point in history and other aspects of life. The Jewish Art Salon organized the show, which first debuted last fall at the Jewish Biennale in Jerusalem to celebrate contemporary Jewish art. 

The Jewish Art Salon then reached out to the Derfner Judaica Museum + The Art Collection at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale to feature it. Now, the exhibition is on display through May 27 before traveling to Michigan next January.

Susan Chevlowe expanded on Solte’s showcasing a watershed theme that can have spiritual or aesthetic concepts from a Jewish perspective.

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