Yehudis Barmatz

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Yehudis Barmatz-Harris (b. 1985) was born in Boston, Massachusetts and currently lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel. She studied sculpture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn (BFA, 2008). Yehudis Barmatz-Harris’ has exhibited in a group shows including juried shows in the Brooklyn Pratt Gallery In 2007 she collaborated in a Public art project devised and run by Belgium public artist Hans Winkler. Her piece for the collaboration was called Anarchist Rabbi and was featured in the project newspaper called “Good News,” which was distributed through out New York City. Other pieces have been displayed in Jerusalem, and in digital exhibits including Fused Art Israel, from the House of Israel, Bilboa Park, and the Shma Journal.

Yehudis Barmatz-Harris has also worked as an assistant to the curator David Gibson in New York City, interviewing and writing curatorial notes for his work in progress. She has conducted interviews of artists in Israel, working as reporter for Individual Collective/Sarah Lehat and contributing articles for Jewish Art Now.

In addition to her Fine Arts practice, Yehudis Barmatz-Harris is an art therapist, and has taught arts to a variety of populations, including tutoring an autistic adult who now is an exhibiting artist, giving workshops in an eating disorder rehab, and painting and drawing classes to elementary and high school students within the ultra orthodox community.


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