Yehudis Barmatz’s Exhibits

Yehudis Barmatz-Harris is exhibiting at three venues this Fall.

1. Manofim Festival, 2016, Jerusalem features Weird to Be a Woman, Studio of Her Own gallery. Studio of Her Own is a religious women’s artist group in Jerusalem.
This exhibit is the cumulative effort of a few years of collaboration between Studio of Her Own and Mashiv Haruach, a Jerusalem Poetry Organization.

Exhibition events for “Weird to Be a Woman” will take place September 15, starting 7:30 pm and through the night, and continues on Friday September 16 between 10am-1pm.

Barmatz’s “House in the Air” installation, made out of dust, stone rubble, cable, and a bike wheel, will be displayed for the first time, hanging outside the gallery during opening night.

Yehudis Barmatz “House in the Air”

Studio of Her Own artists exhibiting visual art, installation, performance, poetry and sound:
Miriam Vilner, Yael Serlin, Avigail Freid, Lea Laukstein, Batnadiv Hakarmi, Julia Aronson, Hagit Molgan, Shulamit Etzion, Ziporah Mandel, Renana Solomon, Yael Shimoni Buchbinder, Noga Greenberg, Yael Horn Danino, Yehudis Barmatz, Moria Eder Plaskin
Curator: Liav Mizrahi

The immortal figure of Zelda the Poet and her poems, layered with meaning, are the starting point for the Exhibit and accompanied Happening, occurring in the Studio of Her Own Gallery in Jerusalem. 

Amongst the Jewish Orthodox sector, Zelda is considered a leading and influential artist. Her complex life story is a source of inspiration amongst many religious women artists. Conflicts, identity crisis, life dilemmas, concessions, pressures and drives, are all part of a fertile ground for extensive and diverse forms of creative expression.
The freedom to express what is impossible to put into words is one of the central components of the exhibit, taking place after ten months of devoted work and collaboration.

A selection of fifteen different Studio of Her Own artists give expression to their personal connection with Zelda’s work, be it in response to her use of words and the artistic expression, or through identifying with her expressions of pain, loneliness, and inner cravings.

These works include installation, performance, video art, and sound, and each work reflects a personal and human connection to Zelda the Poet.

משונה להיות אשה

2. Hebrew University, Jerusalem displays selected works from the Art of Motherhood exhibit.
Barmatz exhibits “Where Rachel Dwells” Photograph, Lambda Print 1.30*1.20, Photo Credit Lea Schechter. This work is from the “Where Rachel Dwells” installation and continues to be on display for just a few more weeks

3. Barmatz’s video from the installation “Where Rachel Dwells” at the JCC Manhattan, Laurie M. Tisch Gallery. “Intersection” features selected works from the Jerusalem Biennale.
Her video is from The Art of Motherhood exhibition. Videographer and video editor is Lea Laukstein.

More info about the exhibition “Intersections” here.