JOMIX- Jews, the Comics & Art; Past & Present – Panel

The Jewish Art Salon presents JOMIX- Jews, the Comics & Art; Past & Present, an artists panel, on Long Island, NY. 

Sunday September 25, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

SidJCCSid Jacobson JCC in East Hills, New York

300 Forest Dr., Greenvale, NY 11548. (516) 484-1545

Map here.

This panel is in conjunction with the Jewish Art Salon exhibition JOMIX – Jewish Comics; Art & Derivation, on view from September 10 until December 10, 2016.

This discussion panel addresses the relationship of Jews, culture, history and the Comics and Graphic Novel Industries. Presented by experts and current practitioners in the field, this panel is a wonderful educational tool and a chance to hear about the defining role Jews have and continue to play in this fascinating art form.  The panel will further highlight the creation of a specifically modern Jewish identity and its relationship to the visual arts.

MODERATOR: Joel Silverstein

Silverstein – House of El

In addition to curating JOMIX, Mr. Silverstein has originated many other exhibitions for The Jewish Art Salon including The Dura Europos Project, (UJA-NY, & Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art). He is a Founding member of the J.A.S. and has had exhibitions of his own works at Pratt Institute, Columbia University and The Jerusalem Biennial. Author of 60 articles, many concerning Jewish Art, he has been included in Ori Z. Soltes mammoth book: Tradition and Transformation; Three Millennia of Jewish Art & Architecture, Canal Street Studios, NY, 2016.


Voloj - GhettoBrother
Voloj – GhettoBrother

Julian Voloj: Photographer, author.  Mr. Voloj is the author of the current Graphic Novel, Ghetto Brother which won an In the Margins, Book Award, 2016 and a Jewish Cultural Achievement Award in 2013. Original pages from Ghetto Brother were recently donated to the Comics and Graphic Novels Library at Columbia University.  

He is also the author of the upcoming Graphic Novel, The Joe Shuster Story, about the original artist and collaborator on Superman.

Donat- Lamps of Life
Donat- Lamps of Life

Aliza Donath; Artist, Cartoonist, author Lamps of Light

Republished in Jewish Comics Anthology, Alternative History Comics, 2014, edited by Steve Bergson.

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