May 21 – June 21, 2015

Opening Reception Thurs. June 4 (6-8) 

Urban landscapeWhen do landscapes become LandEscapes?

When we add an extra E…

we invite leaps of the imagination… possibilities

beyond sunsets and riverbanks.

The Deerfield Arts Bank in Massachusetts is showing the works of over 40 local artists of every kind: photography, pastels, oils, watercolor, acrylic, glass mosaics, tapestry weaving, collage, textiles, assemblages, and even a landscape gourd.


Harry Ruddock III

The gallery overflows with the magnificence of nature’s beauty.

Come experience the view from Sugarloaf Mountain–down the street–and also in the gallery. This is the Valley at its best.

Escape into the extraordinary.

Deerfield Arts Bank

3 Sugarloaf Street, South Deerfield, MA

W, F, Sun12-6; Thurs 12-8


Jane Trigere, proprietor

Images from top to bottom:

Jenny Tibbets

Harry Ruddock III

Laura Bundesen


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