Call for Art Auction

Event information: 

logo_jpgMarina and Danielle are planning a Jewish art auction cocktail party in early February for their organization, called Tsedek ( – that helps over 3,000 underprivileged Jewish children in Israel with after school programming, that includes art, music, mentorship, and much more. This will be an upscale event with over 200 art collectors, enthusiasts, gallery owners, press, and so forth from the New York area.

They will have food provided from top kosher restaurants, cocktails + wine, a DJ plus a live violinist, photographers, and so forth. In terms of venue, they are considering hosting the event at Verboten in Brooklyn, which was just rated one of the top clubs in America. They are also in talks with a new venue in Downtown Manhattan with 25 ft ceilings that has not yet opened to the general public, and would be perfect for this event.The event will begin with a silent auction in gallery type atmosphere, followed by a live auction.

They already have artists and galleries involved, such as Siona Benjamin and Unix Gallery. They are looking to feature about 20 or so prominent contemporary artists, and auction a range of pieces that go from about $1,000 to $15,000.

Each piece will be individually displayed to properly emphasize its details and unique flare.This is a great opportunity to promote your artwork to the New York Jewish art collector and enthusiast community at large.

Please contact Marina and Danielle at for more information.

About the organization:

For over 30 years Tsedek has provided over 12,000 at-risk Jewish children the resources, tools, and support needed to be happy, and productive members of society.Tsedek has 17 centers (three of which are in Jerusalem) that are each dedicated to giving children a safe place to go, loving adults to watch over them, delicious hot meals, and an array of developmental programming that are essential to a healthy existence.A more detailed sampling of Tsedek’s after-school programing includes: one-on-one tutoring and specialized classes, Jewish education, art and music lessons, sports and fitness, mentorship and guidance, weekly therapy sessions, excursions and cultural experiences, community service, summer camps, the bar and bat mitzvah program, and the world traveled youth choir.