Call for Art: Jada Art Fair at Miami Art Week


Deadline November 15, 2022

Organized by Jada; founders are JAS member Jonatas Chimen and Dana Blickensdorfer

An art fair focused on highlighting the Sephardic role within the Global Culture, Arts, and Technological development: From Sefaradi into the Metaverse.

The Hebrews of the Iberian Peninsula were highly regarded as global merchants — of knowledge, merchandise, and influence — from ancient times until their exile or forced conversions in the 15th Century. As they spread around the globe; from Asia to the Middle East, and from North to South America, they continued their legacy as bridge-builders in diplomacy, trade, academia, and in the arts.

FeSeLa, as an entity, has for 50 years defended this legacy, by expanding the reach of Sephardic voices throughout the globe, by engaging its chapters in 13 countries for the service of Zionism and Sefaradismo, and by being remaining an indelible force in the development of The Arts and Culture wherever they are.

However, times are changing now: The global trade routes of Old have now expanded beyond the physical space – and into the virtual world, — where strategic connections are happening more than ever before, and the trade of knowledge and culture continues at an even greater rate.

The question is: What will the role of Sephardic creatives, thinkers, and entrepreneurs be within this new world of the Metaverse?

Such is the ethos of the 2022 FeSeLa Global Summit at Miami Art Week: To celebrate FeSeLa’s 50th Anniversary with a Metaverse-based and in-person Conference, Exhibition, and Events in Miami Beach, USA

More info and application form here


–Be a featured artist during JADA Art Fair Miami Art Week 2022 Exhibition from Dec 1-4, 2022

–Be featured in the main digital catalog of the JADA Miami Art Week 2022 Exhibition, with your profile picture, photos of your artwork, personal biography, and summary text about the artwork you are exhibiting

–Listed in the JADA social media promotion and exhibition marketing

–Be selected to participate in the Jada Art Fair at the 2022 Miami Art Week in person exhibit AND/OR within the Jada Metaverse powered by Landz

–Be eligible to receive a personal critique and analysis by the JADA Art Critique Team, of all artworks submitted for the JADA Miami Art Week 2022 Art Fair

 Be eligible to receive artistic recognition as the recipient of the JADA Art Award for the JADA Miami Art Week 2022 Exhibition, metaverse and in-person juried award